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This weekend has been fun, but very tiring. On Friday I drove up to York Beach, Maine to go to my friend’s wedding. It is so beautiful up there. I will definitely be going back there sometime. When I got there I had to get ready for the wedding so I couldn’t really look around much, but I did take a walk down the beach on the way to the pavilion. I have to say it was a little chilly, but it was still really nice. The ceremony was wonderful, and everyone looked amazing. Everyone really liked my dress too, the one I went through so much for. (if you read my post about getting my dress you know what I am talking about) I don’t really get out that much since I have a toddler at home so it was really nice to have a night away. The reception was really fun. It was at the Atlantic House which is a nice place. I was glad they had an open bar in two different hour-long time slots though. The drinks were pretty ridiculously overpriced, but that’s what you get at a nice place on the beach I guess. (the mojitos were really good) I saw a lot of friend’s I hadn’t seen in a long time, and danced a lot.

Saturday morning I woke up at 5am like usual. I really wanted to go back to bed, but I couldn’t so I got up and got ready and then went out and took a walk on the beach and explored the cute little town a bit. Around 9am one of my friend’s who was staying in the same hotel as me finally got up and we went to breakfast and hit up all the shops. It was so nice out on Saturday that we stayed until around noon before finally deciding we all needed to head home. I really missed my little girl too. I took the scenic route as much as possible on the way home. Once I finally did get home my sweet little girl ran and gave me the biggest hug ever which was the best welcome home. Then exhaustion set in so I pretty much just lounged around and played non active things with her until bed.

Now onto today. I have a baby shower to go to. I am sure it will be fun. I am still exhausted, but at least it’s close to home and it’s early. I do love baby showers though. Baby stuff is just so cute. I of course got a Barnes and Noble gift card for her, so I can give the gift of reading. On the topic of the gift of reading, I will be doing a few book reviews this week. I was trying to get to them, but I had a busy wonderful weekend. I’m ready to get back to my not so busy and kind of boring life, with more time to read.


Ok so this is a random, infuriating, and funny story. Being the idiot that I am I waited until a week before my friend’s wedding to think about the fact I need a dress to wear that is dressy enough. I am not a person who dresses up very often so I don’t have dressy clothes, I buy them when I need them. I don’t really want to go to the mall because it’s almost an hour drive and dealing with a toddler while trying on dresses isn’t that fun. So I go online and find a cute dress that is inexpensive (because really, I don’t want to spend a bunch of money on a dress I will probably only wear once or twice) and I order it. Well it says normal shipping is 5-10 days, so now I am worried it won’t be in on time and upgrade to their only other shipping option which is 2-5 days, and happens to cost $17 (really?!! there goes my plan on not spending a lot on a dress) I get the package in the mail yesterday, really excited because of course I want to try it on and make sure it fits, and honestly see if it’s as pretty as I expect, but when I open it it’s not the dress I ordered. It’s not my order at all actually it’s some one name Katie or something who lives in Oregon. So I call the company, pretty angry about it because now there is no way I will get the dress on time because I need it by the next day, which would be today because I need to drive to Maine tomorrow for the wedding. I am getting nowhere with the guy I am talking to, and I am very frustrated so I get transferred to the supervisor. I tell them I want my money back, and they say that they will send UPS to get the package (after I refuse to bring it to the post office myself since it isn’t my fault that they shipped me someone elses order) and once they receive the merchandise back I will get my refund. Now I am super mad because they already have my money and I obviously didn’t receive what I ordered, so why should I wait for my money back. Not to mention now I have to go to the mall, which I was trying to avoid doing, and spend more money to get a dress so it’s a big inconvenience to me. He says he will try to get the money put back right away (which didn’t happen, it’s still not there ) and send me the info for UPS and blah, blah , blah. Ok so fast forward to today. I go to the mall with my daughter and as I suspect it isn’t going to be easy. She was being good, just a typical toddler trying to hide in the clothes racks and touch everything, but it’s still not very fun to deal with. I go store to store trying on dress after dress and find a few I like, but don’t want to spend that much money on them. (did I mention I don’t really like shopping, I know weird right?) I really don’t want to go to the store that I ordered the dress from, I mean I know it’s not that stores fault, but I don’t want to give them my business. I am running out of options so I go there and they have the dress I ordered so I end up buying it there. After all that… I really liked it though and it was cheaper than the other ones that I didn’t really like as much. If I had found one that was about the same price that I liked somewhere else I would have bought it, but that wasn’t the case. And so now I am happy I have the dress, but mad that I gave that company business after all the shipping the wrong order, and the phone stuff. That is my story about what I went through for a dumb dress. Maybe after the wedding this weekend I will post a picture of it. It really is pretty. 🙂

Reading and a toddler

Yesterday I got the book After Obsession by Carrie Jones and let me tell you, it’s really good so far. I really wish I was further along than I am, but having a toddler makes it hard to do anything I really want like reading, for my pleasure. I spend a lot of the time reading her books, coloring with her, playing outside, going for a walk, and all those other things that toddlers want to do. I am hoping to be finished with the book tonight so I can try to put up a review in the next couple days. I will be up in Maine for a few days for a friend’s wedding so I will be able to update my blog until probably Sunday. I want to try to get the review for After Obsession up before I start reading Enthralled on Tuesday when it comes out. I also want a different set-up for my blog, but it seems that nothing is really working out the way I like, but I don’t have the time to play around with it and get it how I really want it. Hopefully I can get all of these things accomplished in the next week.

It seems like with the awesome fall weather, there are also a lot of books that look really good that I want to read. I have already pre-ordered quite a few of them. I hope I have enough time to read all of them before even more books I want to read come out. The rest of this year has so many great books to look forward to, so I need to just try to keep myself focused on one month at a time. So for September I really want quite a few. So the top books that come out this week that I want to read are:

1. After Obsession by Carrie Jones and Steven E. Wedel 9/13 (I am currently reading this)

2. Fateful by Claudia Gray 9/13  Werewolves on the Titanic!! Enough said, sounds awesome!

3. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern 9/13 All the early reviews make it sound fantastic!

I will try to put up a review of After Obsession as soon as I am done reading it.

Loving the fall weather

Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday. It was family day and we went to the local Fair. To me the fair mean fall, and fall is my favorite season. Not just because the weather is nice, or the trees look pretty, but because I love all the yummy stuff that comes with fall. Pumpkin Lattes, Apple pies and deserts (of course apple picking), apple cider, and Halloween candy. Besides, fall is a great time for family stuff. My daughter loved the fair yesterday. She is just tall enough to go on some of the rides now, so it was very exciting for her. Next on the list of family activities is apple picking. I love picking apples and baking stuff, and my daughter is the best little helper. Then onto picking out pumpkins and carving them. The only thing I don’t like about carving pumpkins is having to dig the goop out of them. It’s kind of gross feeling to me. I am very excited to bring my daughter trick or treating this year too. Last year she was still too young, so this year will be really fun bringing her for the first time. I know it’s not technically fall until next week, but it feels like it already, so happy fall everyone!!!

Clockwork Prince Countdown

Well I did say that I would post something book related today. I am actually right in the middle of reading a book and my mind is blurred with that story. I guess what I will do is write a nice list of recommended books that I have read recently. Ok I am going to do some ebooks. I don’t believe that these are available in actual physical book form.

My Blood Approves series by Amanda Hocking.

1.My Blood Approves 2.Fate 3.Flutter 4.Wisdom

Ok so it’s another Vampire story, but it’s actually not bad. There are a lot of typos that kinda bother and distract me a little, but it’s not a big deal. Of course being a vampire story there is a girl, a human girl, who has this pull toward the vampire. Except Alice is in love with 2 vampires who are “brothers” by the vampire sense. The story unfolds pretty well and keeps you interested. Alice is different somehow and the vampire family is very interested in her. I do find her character a bit annoying, and some of the other characters not quite interesting, but in general not bad books to read. The books just didn’t pull me in like a lot of really fabulous books do. I was easily distracted while reading them.I wouldn’t say rush out to buy them, (if you have an e-reader) but if you are looking for something to read to fill the space between waiting for books, give them a shot. I think potentially they could have been really good books, but they seemed to just fall a little short. I am in no way giving the books a bad review, I did enjoy them, but they are nothing that I would have bought normally. If I had to rate these I guess I would give them a 3.5 out of 5 stars. I don’t tend to like rating things though.

Well since I did a recommended list on some ebooks I should review a book that you can buy if you don’t have an e-reader.

I think I will review Awaken by Katie Kacvinski. It is a dystopian novel, and I am pretty sure it’s going to be a series(though not positive)

This book takes place in the not so distant future where everything is done by computer. School  (Maddie’s father is the creator of digital school), shopping, socializing, even exercise. There are no book made of paper. There are no real trees, they are now synthetic, and it’s not very common to actually come in contact with real people anymore. Maddie does play soccer, but that is the only time she is around real people besides her family. She is pretty happy just living her mostly digital life, until she meets Justin online and he asks her to meet him at a study group. She becomes completely drawn to him, and enjoys having real company and being around an actual person. She learns that he belongs to a group that is trying to take down the digital world and get back to “old times”. Maddie really likes the people who she has met, but when it comes down to it she has to make a choice between this longing for freedom from the digital world, and her family. This book was so great and I couldn’t put it down. The story seems realistic. This is a very highly recommended read.

Nothing interesting today

I started reviewing 2 books, but it’s not coming out how I want it to, so no book review today. I think that is the hard thing about trying to write reviews for all of you. I just don’t know how to put it into words sometimes without giving anything away. In my head it always sounds so much better than when I actually see it on the screen. Last night I wrote four reviews, and then trashed them because they just didn’t sound right to me. In the upcoming weeks I really want to write reviews on some of my very favorite books, (The Mortal Instruments series) but I want to make sure I can do the books justice. They are absolutely fabulous, and besides Harry Potter they are my favorite books. Cassandra Clare is really amazing in her ability to capture you with her writing and make you need more. I will try to get another book review, or recommended book list up this weekend sometime. This week has been kinda a headache with all the rain and a cranky toddler who wants to go out and play, so my mind is already half shut down within 10 minutes of waking up. Hopefully this weekend should be better. If not I will still post something book related for all of you wonderful people.

Ok so I am not going to do a book review today because I was going to do one on the book I was finishing, and as the title of this post says, if you don’t have anything good to say…  I will not write a bad review on a book because I think it is disrespectful to the author. Also I am sure that some people will probably think it is a great book, just not my thing. That being said, I will only review books on this blog that I want to give a good or neutral review to. I could easily just write a review on one of the 70 something other books I have read so far this year, but I don’t feel like picking one. I will think of one tonight, or I will do another general list with brief descriptions tomorrow. I was too busy playing around on Pottermore yesterday to give it much thought. (which I must say is pretty cool) Well enough of my boring nonsense for today, and once again thanks for visiting my uninteresting blog.



So I have changed my opinion on this subject. It’s tough to write a bad review, but in all honesty sometimes you just have to. I originally was just going to write reviews of books or other things I enjoyed and just write nothing if I didn’t enjoy it. Now I think that even if it’s not something I enjoyed, if I do have to write a negative review than so be it. I will try to put in any good points there is though. Just because I may not like something doesn’t mean that other people won’t and my reviews are just my personal opinion. I just hate to be negative about something when obviously someone has worked very hard on it. So there is my update about writing negative reviews. If I need to I will, I just hope I won’t. ( although I think that is thinking way too positive.)

  I had been waiting for what seemed like forever for this book to come out. I rushed out to buy it the day it was released, only to discover that none of my local book stores had it yet. (the ebook version was not released the same day, and that is why I didn’t download it) Luckily I was able to order it and get it 2 days later.  I have read all of Rachel Vincent’s books, and loved them. This one is no exception. Blood Bound is the first in Rachel’s Unbound series. So enough about how I wanted this book and had little issues getting it, onto my review of it.

Liv Warren trusts no one, and has some dark secrets. She also has a special ability. She can track anyone, just by the scent of their blood. She is called to this task when a friends husband is murdered and her child goes missing. She has no choice but to do it. An oath that she and her friends took when they were children prevents her from saying no. To make matters worse, her ex- lover Cam Cabellero who she has been trying to avoid for the past 6 years will be her partner on this mission. What do you do when you can’t say no? How can you keep your dark secrets hidden? Is it possible to work as a team with your ex-lover when the need and want to be with him is fighting to overpower the reasons why you can’t be? Rachel Vincent takes you on a wild ride into the world of criminals, lies, and secrets. This book leaves you on the edge of your seat and eager to dive further into the world these characters live in. I know I will be counting down the days until the second installment, Shadow Bound comes out and we get to read more.