I wrote a post last week about what I went through for a dress, and now the rant continues. Last Wednesday when I received my order, which wasn’t in fact my order at all, but someone from all the way on the other side of the US, I called Forever 21 and was not pleased about how they were going about the situation. They told me that once they received the order that they sent me back in their warehouse they would refund my money. Ok anyone else think that I should have gotten my refund right away since it was their mistake. It’s not like I was just sending back something I didn’t like, then I could understand, but they sent me someone elses order. So he tells me that he will put it in so that when UPS scans the package they will put the refund through. UPS picked up the package the next day, and I figured I would give them until Friday to credit me. I had a wedding to so I didn’t bother with checking to see if it was there, but on Monday was pretty mad when it still wasn’t. On Tuesday I get an e-mail from UPS that the package was returned, still no money in my account so I e-mailed the supervisor I had spoken to and he tells me he put the refund through. Yesterday still no credit, now I am really pissed. I call the direct extension, nothing of course. So today I finally get through and talk to the manager and he tells me they put in the transfer yesterday, but it will take 5 days. Ok WTF!! They took my money out on the 10th when I placed the order. They were informed on the 14th that they sent me the wrong order, and UPS picked it up to send back on the 15th. They got the order back in their warehouse on the 20th, and I still have to wait until next week for my money back. It takes them minutes to get the money from my account, but all this time to put it back. That just seems very unacceptable to me being that it was their mistake. If the fault was on my part I would not be so upset about all of this. I understand their return policy, but this was not just me not wanting my product. It wasn’t even my order that I received.  The invoice was a girl in Oregon. I really do like the clothes from Forever 21, but I will not buy anything from them again. If a business thinks it’s ok to run a business that way, I don’t want to support them at all. When I posted about what I went through to get my dress, I left out the company name to be respectful, but now I feel no need to respect the company at all and want others to know what they do. Well, I feel a little better now that I have gotten that out of my system. Now if only my money was back in my account I would feel a lot better. Sorry for the rant, but it was driving me crazy thinking about it. Now I am off to relax and read.