Since this is supposed to be a blog about books mostly, I guess I should post something about them. I have read so many books this year that were really good, and not all are fresh enough in my head to write a good review. So instead, I want to make some lists of recommended reading with basic descriptions of the books. Since I am excited about Rachel Vincent’s upcoming book If I Die (Book 5 of the Soul Screamers series), I will start with some of her books. These are the books from the Soul Screamers series. (YA)

1.My Soul to Take- This is book one of the series. It’s about a girl named Kaylee, who is a bean sidhe. (or banshee) She can see shadows surrounding people before they die, and she can’t control the scream that comes with it. The only thing is, she has no clue why this happens. Her family has kept it a secret that she is a bean sidhe.  She learns of what she is from the very good looking Nash Hudson who also is not quite human. Girls are dropping dead for no apparent reason and they are going to figure out why, and how to stop it. (I also do recommend the prequel novella My Soul to Lose)

2.My Soul to Save- Onto book two of the series. In this one Kaylee and her boyfriend Nash team up with Grim Reaper, Tod (Read  Reaper to get to know Tod a little bit. Also another short novella) to save an old friend named Addison Page. She also happens to be a famous pop star. Addison has sold her soul to gain fame and fortune, and she isn’t the only one. Now Kaylee, Nash and Tod must travel to the dangerous Neverworld to save Addison before she is stuck with a life of torment belonging to a hellion.

3.My Soul to Keep-Book three. Kaylee and Nash are so into each other and she fells like nothing can come between them. He completely understands her and they are happy. Everything changes when they go to a party at popular jock Scott Carters house. Somehow a drug from the Netherworld had gotten into the human world. Demon Breath, and it’s an addiction that can kill you. Kaylee and Nash need to find the source of it, and stop it from entering the human world. If they don’t an already addicted friend will die.

4.My Soul to Steal-Book four.In this book, things get very complicated between Nash and Kaylee. They have already been having issues, and now his ex-girlfriend Sabine has transferred to their school. She is no ordinary girl though, she is a Mara. She can read people’s fears and then weave them into nightmares. She also wants Nash back, and it seems she will do anything to get him back. While Kaylee is fighting for her boyfriend, teachers are dying and she needs to figure out if it is Sabine doing it or some other evil being.

Ok so those are my book recommendations for today. Sorry the descriptions are so short, but I think they are enough to get you interested without giving anything away. If you haven’t read them I suggest you do. Rachel Vincent is amazing, and this series is great. The next in the series, If I Die releases September 27.